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Stop Trying to Make Sketch Happen

Saturday 7:30-9, ages 13+


Our show tells a story through a series of sketches of varying lengths & styles (black-outs, original songs, parody songs, dramatic scenes, group game scenes, & improv shells.) The story is that of the mother earth & how mistreated she is by us ungrateful children - humanity. Although our humor could be categorized as "adult", we believe our message that the environment is precious is relatable to all ages. 

Stop Trying to Make Sketch Happen” is made up of an unstoppable group of individuals, evidenced by the fact that they didn’t let a little global pandemic keep them from achieving their dream of completing the Second City’s Conservatory Program. This team was fully formed in Spring ‘21, when two conservatory classes, ready & vaccinated, were united! A beautiful sweet baby team was born. Now this full-grown team lives to entertain with improv, sketch, & jaw-dropping original music & dance."

This fast-paced-Pandora's-box of a comedy show will have you on the edge of your seat (or maybe even up on stage!)! With roughly only half of the show scripted, we need you to help this wacky improv team to build hilarious, enthralling, and ridiculous stories out of thin air! Scream with laughter or yell at us to "Stop Trying to Make Sketch Happen!" - whatever you do, don't miss this show!"


Company: A team of talented comedians/improvisers/singers/dancers are prepared to perform a wild, hilarious, original, & sexy sketch comedy show for the world to enjoy (or at least Illinois for now!) Our diverse group found each other mid-pandemic when we joined together to finish up the Second City's Conservatory Program! We fell in love with each other and recently wrapped up our hour-long original show entitled "Stop Trying to make Sketch Happen!" last month in Judy's Beat Lounge.


Emma Rose (myself): is a librarian comedian just looking to get booked so that she can bring her wacky yet inextricably clever performance stylings to the audiences of Chicagoland & beyond.

Raju Ben: is an up-and-coming comedian, marking his stamp in the Chicago Improv community. He’s already a proud alumnus of Second City and IO Theatre. Random facts: He likes to brainstorm possible conversations whenever he attends events and gatherings. Before his performance he wants to set the bar low; expect a flopped version so he can get it out of his system.

Kelly McCoy: is a Second City alum and grape bubble gum enthusiast. She has, on two separate occasions, attempted to give CPR to a squirrel. They both died.

Andrew Baldwin: is an improviser, writer, and musician based in Chicago. He has an impressive wit, a stunning voice, & a charming way about him.

Lauren Parr: is a talented singer, actor, and comedian with a bea

Noah Wageman: is a former collegiate soccer player turned writer/actor/comedian. As a lover of music, dance, and the Spanish language, he has written and performed in multiple shows at The Second City and graduated from its Conservatory Program. Noah is thrilled to participate in the 2022 Chicago Circus & Performing Arts Festival along with his friends and fellow comedians! 

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