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Queer Dance Freakout
Gender Fucked Productions

Saturday 8:30- 10:00
Tickets Here


Last year's Audience Choice Award Winners, Queer Dance Freakout is an interactive, choose your own adventure spectacle inspired by the Neo-Futurists' Infinite Wrench. This company of queer, trans, and nonbinary choreographers and storytellers will perform up to 30 dances that will have audiences booty shaking, grooving, and connecting with the queer community. Queer Dance Freakout is ever changing as each performance the company writes and choreographs new pieces, so don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime dance party!

Company Info:

Gender Fucked Productions is a company of queer, trans, and nonbinary choreographers and story tellers. Our values include Consent, Non- Illusory Theatre, Queer Art for Queer People, Equity, and Intersectionality.

Cast Credits

Moore Kelly (they, he)

Dawn Heilung (they)  

Associate Producer: Harper Crewse (they, any)  

Director: Grant Gorb Landau-Williams (she, they)  

Intimacy Director: Bianca Thompson (she, they)  

Stage Manager: M Paige (they)  

Company Leads:

A’Keisha Lee (she)

Dawn Heilung (they)  

Dance Captains: 

Mash Bandouil (they)

Reign Drop (they, he)  

Tonight’s Company:

Amethyst Rose (they)         Megan Davis (they)

Patty Roache (they)           Ray Post (they)

Ryan Eykholt (they, he)      Virginia VanLieshout (they)  

Graphic Design: Sydney Kamuda (they)

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