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Dinder Bros Family Circus

Saturday 1:00- 2:30
Tickets Here

Dinder Brother's Family Circus is proud to present the "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME SHOW!!!" Seen across the midwest since 2015 this blend of circus, magic, and danger is sure to entertain anyone ages 4 and up! With mystifying aerials, feats of death, and astounding illusions, everyone will find something they enjoy. 

Company Info:

Dinder Brothers Circus includes Miss Claira Bell and Magic Rob!

Hailing from the Chicago area Miss Claira Bell has been actively performing her passions of Circus, Sideshow and Cabaret. Traveling all over the country Claira has gotten the pleasure of working with such groups as; Blue Moon Circus, The Squidling Brothers, The Boston Baby Dolls, Chump Change Variety Show, and the Cream City Cabaret. 

Magic Rob has been traveling the United States for over 15 years perfecting and performing the illusionary arts. On top of being an astounding magician, Magic Rob is a member of the deaf community. He loves to bring awareness and attention to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals about the many talents deaf individuals have. He feels blessed to be invited to perform events of both deaf and hearing individuals, and hopes to be able to continue to be a positive role model within the deaf community everywhere. 

Cast Credits:

Miss Claira Bell (Sarah Jade, Mermaid Aramae)

Magic Rob


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