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The Amazing Prizzini Brothers' Circus Cabaret of Wonder!

Saturday 3:00- 4:30
Tickets Here 

The Amazing Prizzini Brothers' Circus Cabaret of Wonder presents a classic circus cabaret, featuring family friendly circus acts and clowning. Their goal is simple: to make the audience complicit in their mischief! 

Are you prepared for the death defying feats of the world's only non-mechanical human cannonbal? Dare you step into the wonders of the Imaginarium? Will you stare down the full might of the Amazing Prizzini Brothers upon the Entry of the Gladiators?

Come join in our Journey into the Astonishing Awe of the Circus, in the Amazing Prizzini Brothers' Circus Cabaret of Wonder!

All Ages

Company Info:

Meet The Amazing Prizzini Brothers! Since 1601, they have been entertaining families around the world* with their patended brand of humor, daring-do, and amazing circus friends. Formerly the Two-Bit Players, formerly the Wicker Park High Tea and Dodgeball Assocation, and formerly the Love Rhombus, they carry on the mission of family friendly, enjoyable circus that all can enjoy. Main Company Members are Scottini Prizzini and Jim Priz (nickname pending.) They specialize in the type of show that they have specialized in.

*Not all facts listed in this mission statement are, strictly speaking, true.

Cast Credits:

Scottini Prizzini (Scott M. Priz)

Jim Priz

Joey the Tiger

Vix Nolan

Squid Kramer

Jack Russell

Eric Robinson

Aleia Olson

Erin Gautille

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