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Laughingstock Theatre

Saturday 5:30-7, Sunday 4:00-5:30


"The Masquerade; or, Love is Queer to Stay" explores how non-heterosexual characters change the classical show, and previously garnered high praise during a month long, sold out run at The Crowd Theater. With slapstick comedy, partner acrobatics, and sword fights, this show is a hilarious and moving delight.


Company Info:

Laughing Stock Theatre spreads joy by creating Commedia dell’Arte from a modern perspective that reflects the humor in humanity. 


Commedia dell'Arte is often cited as one of the inspirations for Chicago's own Paul Sills, and through him, Chicago's world famous improv and sketch comedy. However, there hasn't been an active Commedia company in Chicago since both Piccolo Theatre and Chicago dell'Arte folded. 


With this in mind we launched Laughing Stock with the intention of bringing modern, high quality, low cost Commedia dell'Arte to Chicago. Our members have been performing commedia at Piccolo Theatre, Northwestern University, and the Bristol Renaissance Faire as far back as 2011 and wanted to make modern comedy with these classical characters and style. From the beginning we made all our shows and workshops pay-what-you-can and as inclusive as we could manage on small budgets. 


Our first show "Birdcoin; or, the One Where They Learn To Respect Women" performed to a full house at Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro. It was then we decided to fully pursue this craft, leading us to go study with Maestro Antonio Fava in Reggio Emilia in the summer of 2019.

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