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Juggling vs Magic
Arik & Brendon

Saturday 2:30- 4:00
Tickets Here

Sunday 12:15- 1:45

Tickets Here


Two disciplines enter, two disciplines leave. Come see two of Chicago's greatest performers in their respective fields perform back to back.

First, enjoy an experience that aims to have you question the absolute limits of what is humanly possible. Brought to you by one of Chicago's top jugglers, Poised is a family friendly show full of laughs and amazing feats of balance and coordination.

Then stay and watch as someone with the ability to read minds shows off his powers while talking about the pains and annoyances that come with always hearing what people are thinking. The Reluctant Mind Reader showcases how some gifts aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. 

Cast Credits:

Arik Mendelevitz- Juggler

Brendon Ware- Magician

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