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Circus Dungeon Crawl
Yes Ma'am Circus

Saturday 7:45- 9:15
Tickets Here


Circus Dungeon Crawl 

Come see the Chicago debut of Circus Dungeon Crawl, previously only shown to the elite crowd of gamers at GenCon in Indianapolis! Journey with Marcus the Bard as they attempt to drink, seduce, and thieve their way through the Multiverse, along with a cast of aerialists, clowns, and burlesque dancers. What will happen on our most random of encounters? Will the dread gazebo attack, will the alien baby get home safely, who is the mysterious Bruno of whom we do not speak? Roll the giant D20 and find out!


Company Info:

Yes Ma'am Circus produces the Chicago Circus & Performing Arts Festival, creates narrative circus shows, and is available for private gigs around Chicago. Past shows have included It's Not Me, It's You, 12th Night, and Alice in CircusLand. Most recently, the company produced Story Time, a series of free shows celebrating international myths and legends, made possible through the Chicago Night Out in the Parks progam. More company information can be found at

Cast Credits:

Director and GM- Amancay Kugler

Marcus the Bard- Maggie Karlin

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