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Autobiography of a Late Bloomer
Lucid Banter Project

Saturday 6:00- 7:30
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Autobiography of a Late Bloomer is a collection of work created over a span of 15 years, following the choreographer's coming-out journey. Following Paula, Lucid Banter Project's director, through professional growth, family drama, religious realizations, sexual awakenings, relationship highs and lows, injury, and emotional abuse, the audience is brought along through the experiences, emotions and growth of a late bloomer lesbian.

Company Info:

Lucid Banter Project, created and directed by Paula Grahmann, was originally created as an outlet where Paula could set choreography less restricted by the considerations necessary when working with students. The freedom to create work on professional-level dancers, with artistic exploration as the only guideline, allows the company to build a diverse repertoire while establishing a name and place in the Chicago dance scene. Paula integrates the unique perspectives of the dancers with whom she works - their body types, sexualities, ages, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds - to bring to their artistry into each piece. She has the privilege to work this way because of the diverse dancers involved with Lucid Banter Project: dancers with non-traditional body sizes, many of whom identify as LGBTQI+, trans and non-binary dancers, student dancers, as well as those in both the early and later stages of their performing careers. While these dancers may be marginalized or prejudged in the larger dance world, they have a home where they are valued and respected with Lucid Banter Project.

Cast Credits:

Ashley Aguilar, Emma Barnhart, Emily Carroccio, Kat Gragg, Luke Greeff, Katie Johnson, Jessica Kick, Val Lober, Nadine Mauricio, Allison Phalen, Stephanie Rankin, Emma Reeves, Virginia VanLieshout, Dare Wedgeworth

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