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Hot Clown Sex

Friday 8:00- 9:30 PM
Tickets Here

Laughing too hard and getting turned on are just two ways the Hot Clown Company will leave you wet, breathless, and ready for more. Featuring an ensemble of eight clowns, Hot Clown Sex is a genre-bending cabaret that takes the audience on a wild ride of hilarity, pleasure, and self-love. Come spread your cheeks (into a smile!) as these loveable fools stumble their way through playfully provocative gags, show-stopping musical numbers, dancing sperm, and explosive climaxes.

With their signature style fusing music, physical comedy, and the joyous art of clown, Hot Clown Sex celebrates the hilarious and human expressions of sex, love, and relationships that is sure to titillate any audience.

Hot Clown Sex is part of Frisky Friday!

Purchase tickets for all 3 Friday night shows for a FREE VIP Upgrade

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