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Bo(ix)y(e) Division- Such Creatures

Thursday 7:30-8:30, Friday 9:30-10:30

Bo(ix)y(e) Division is a contemporary movement work involving 2 dancers recounting and re-experiencing physical & neurological evolutions related to their trans-masculine identities. This is a show you were not meant to view, and yet here we are. Bo(ix)y(e) Division exposes the intricate practice of controlled, curated metamorphosis, the witnessing of which places audiences in an intimate relationship with concepts often boiled down to digestible nuggets at the expense of the TGNC community or extracted without consent or context.

Formed in 2020, Such Creatures supports the collective investigations of Ashaand Simone and Luke Greeff, two Trans & Gender Non-Conforming movement artists invested in the exploration of inherent energetic systems, expanding the narrative surrounding queer and trans bodies in the process. The work of Such Creatures can be defined by the phrase: “Trans Audacity.” 

Luke Greeff 
(ze/he/they) Lucas Greeff is a dancer, choreographer, and circus artist whose work focuses on expanding the scope of queer performance, engaging inherent energies, and challenging physical extremity through movement analysis. Luke’s recent works include Carnal Inferno, Aequipondium (co-choreographer), Spectrum, and the Trapping Butterflies Project, as well as project-based collaborations with Yes Ma’am Circus and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. Former dancer for St. Petersburg Ballet Company and Level Dance Company; Luke performs regularly with Joel Hall Dancers & Such Creatures, and teaches dance for circus artists at Aloft Circus Arts. 

Ashaand Simone 
(they/ them) Ashaand’s movement work pokes at the boundaries of internal and external perception, focusing on the trans body and experience. Their recent works include Reverence, Aequipondium (co-choreographer), Portal, Covert Feathers, and work created for Abhijeet and Gigi Madid. Other creations include movement direction work for Grace (or the Art of Climbing) and Les Innocents, and music video collaborations for Modaff the Band and Cupid Youth. They were the founder and Artistic Director of the North Park University Movement Collective, and perform regularly with the Joel Hall Dancers, Such Creatures, and Mandala South Asian Performing Arts.

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