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Amazing Prizzini Brothers and Poised!

Saturday 3:30-5:00pm, Sunday 2:00-3:30pm

Family Friendly, kid oriented

2 shows in 1! First the Amazing Prizzini Brothers present a classic circus cabaret, featuring family friendly circus acts and clowning. Their goal is simple: to make the audience complicit in their mischief! Then Arik Mendelevitz of Raphael Entertainment presents Poised- A One Man Juggling Journey, an experience that aims to have you question the absolute limits of what is humanly possible. Brought to you by one of Chicago's top jugglers, Poised is a family friendly show full of laughs and amazing feats of balance and coordination. Two great short shows come together for a thrilling spectacle that's fun for the whole family!


Danielle Gennaoui- Lyra

Carmen Kingsley- Clown

Hadley Austin- Trapeze

Rebecca Ellyn (Slightly Spitfire)- Sling

Laura Torres- Tightwire

Scott M. Priz- Trapeze

Arik Mendelevitz- Poised, a 1 man juggling show

Prizzini Brothers

The Amazing Prizzini brothers have been performing as a comedy circus act for over a decade.  They have performed for Aloft Circus, MSA Circus Arts, and Yes Ma'am Circus.

They specialize in hosting circus variety shows, interwoven with the patented brand of mischievous humour based in their entire lifetime of brotherly shenanigans.


The two company members are Scott and Jim Priz, who, together, are the Amazing Prizzini Brothers!

Their mission statement is- "Make the Audience Complicit in our Mischief!"


Arik Mendelevitz is the CEO of Raphael Entertainment, a graduate of both Circus Warehouse (New York City) and The Actors Gymnasium's (Evanston) professional circus training programs.  He has spent the past six years building up and refining "Poised" and is excited to bring all the lessons he's learned to CCPAF.  To find out more about his work, feel free to head over to and book your next event today.

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