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Joey the Tiger

Now introducing a performer for the festival: It was like love at first sight. San Francisco-based Joey the Tiger was looking for an outlet from the emotional and physical toll of his work in the food industry. He thought that physical exercise would be a good outlet but he didn’t want to go to an impersonal big box gym and high-impact sports were not ideal. He wanted to find a community of people with all kinds of lifestyles.

“I was contemplating fencing when I found a flying trapeze class,” Joey said, “and I never stopped.” Flying trapeze was only the start; he would soon discover static trapeze, dance trapeze, and straps. When touching the dance trapeze, Joey said, “I didn't want to do anything else with my life.”

“It's now hard for me to say if I prefer one or the other. I love them both; they both bring out very different things in me” Joey explained. Straps brings out “a little more animal in me… and dance trapeze brings out the softer side much more dreamy.” Right now, he’s working on combining both sides of him in his performances.

Joey will be one of the cabaret acts for The Amazing Prizzini Brothers' Circus Cabaret of Wonder at the Chicago Circus and Performing Arts Festival. For the Cabaret, Joey will be performing on straps to show “the weird creature inside of me.”

For the festival, Joey the Tiger hopes people will be entertained and maybe a little inspired. Hopefully [they’ll] see something that they haven't seen before.” He’s looking forward to deep

ening his art by performing in all sorts of venues as well as making new friends and seeing amazing artists. “One small transition from one thing to another can be a whole show for me,” explained Joey.

Get your tickets today to see Joey the Tiger and the other performers at The Amazing Prizzini Brothers' Circus Cabaret of Wonder on Sunday from 12:15-1:45.


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